Will 2018 or 2019 see a sherry vinegar shortage?

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Sherry vinegar (Vinagre de Jerez) has increasingly become well-known and a hot commodity. The trade industry association of sherry vinegar vinagreros (vinegar makers) in Andalusia, Asevijerez, has indicated a widespread concern in the industry due to a shortage of sherry wine used as raw material to make sherry vinegar. As is well-known, the traditional sherry vinegar process can take time and a shortage in raw material can cause volumes to decline in the future.

2017 was a banner year for the sherry vinegar bodegas which produced five million liters (1.3 million gallons) of sherry vinegar that year. Most was exported and this is partially how, at least for the US, Spain years ago already displaced France in dollar volume for exports to the US.

More detail for those who read Spanish or can accept Google Translate.


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