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Vinegar making in a German state during the Renaissance

Vinegar making in a German state during the Renaissance

Welcome to our new blog! My name is Reginald Smith, president of Supreme Vinegar. We manufacture a variety of fruit vinegars as well as mother of vinegar for those who want to make their own vinegars.

Why the Eternal Condiment? Vinegar is one of the earliest condiments known to man. It probably vies with honey as the first, since it has almost certainly been known as long as we have known how to ferment alcohol—evidence of which goes back over 7,000 years. As vinegar is eternal in the since that it doesn’t really spoil. While all commercial vinegars have “best by” dates, vinegar does not spoil in the traditional sense unless something causes its acidity to decline, and then it can be attacked by spoilage microbes once the pH is too high.

It is our hope that our new blog will help everyone learn more about vinegar as well as appreciate it or even make it themselves. Also always, comments and questions are welcome! Thanks for coming!

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