The ‘Eternal Condiment’ arrives!

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Vinegar, the Eternal Condiment published by Spikehorn Press

The first book length history of vinegar has now arrived! Available on Amazon the Eternal Condiment is a work almost five years in the making documenting the rise of vinegar from prehistory to the current crazes for balsamic and raw apple cider vinegar! Much of the historical information on this blog derived from research for this book. Get your copy today!

9 Comments on “The ‘Eternal Condiment’ arrives!”

  1. I just received my copy of the The Eternal Condiment. As an amatuer vinegarie myself, this will be an important addition to my collection. I look forward to reading it many times.

  2. This is so awesome! I am about to order a copy on Amazon right now! Thanks so much for all the amazing info!

  3. The mother’s in a long standing jar of red wine are of 2 appearances, soft fleshy translucent, and liver red, very thin and opaque. Are the liver red mother’s just in hibernation or are they not longer viable? Thanks so much, Judy

    1. Both are viable. Different conditions (amount of alcohol, etc.) and different strains of bacteria which can dominate at different points in fermentation can make mothers of differing appearance but they are all viable.

    1. There isn’t one planned yet but I can talk to the publisher. One of the reasons was Kindle non-fiction is typically much lower sales volume than fiction.

    2. Hi, I found this site after watching Adam Ragusea’s video WTF is vinegar. I too would be very interested in an ebook version of this book – I don’t have the space for physical books, sadly.

      1. Hi sorry the publisher has not done an ebook yet. I will ask them if they are interested this year.

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