About The Company

Supreme Vinegar LLC is a Bensalem, PA based company dedicated to excellence and the production of flavorful, niche vinegars from around the world or created in our own kitchen!

Supreme Vinegar was created by its founder (and vinegar lover), Reginald Smith, who made vinegar in his own home for years for a variety of flavors that seemed to have been forgotten by the market. While the modern industrial process of vinegar making has reduced its cost and made it accessible to all, it has homogenized flavors so that there are only three: white, apple cider, and balsamic/red/white wine vinegars. Dozens of other varieties are no longer produced except as flavorings of apple cider or wine vinegar. Supreme Vinegar is dedicated to bringing these back to your kitchen!

All of our vinegars are made without added sugar, chemicals, or additives and are made directly from the syrups of the fruits they represent. Each batch is made with care and precision combining old techniques and modern chemistry in order to ensure the quality of the final product.