Currently, no. We are still working on our organic certification so we cannot call our vinegars organic. However, we are actively switching all of our starter juices to organic juice in order to meet the requirements for organic certification. Our vinegars are, however, naturally brewed and we do not use any industrial acetic acid or other synthetic compounds to “enhance” flavor or reduce price.
Vinegar has been made by humans for over 7,000 years. Ever since people have made alcohol, they eventually got vinegar! Vinegar is formed by a type of fermentation where a group of bacteria called Acetobacter, cause alcoholic drinks to ferment over time to acetic acid, which is the main component of vinegar that gives it its tangy and acidic taste. All of our vinegars, and most vinegars sold generally, are 5% acetic acid. The other unique flavors come from the chemicals in the original juice.

Here we make vinegar first by obtaining all natural juices from the best suppliers and fermenting themto alcohol with yeast to make “fruit wine”. Next we make vinegar through either the old-school “slow” Orleans process where fruit wine is fermented in barrels or a more modern process called “packed generators” which recirculates the fruit wine over wood chips to accelerate fermentation. Finally, the vinegar is aged for taste, pasteurized, and then bottled.

Fruit vinegars are special not just for their wide variety of tastes, but also because of the health benefits they provide. The most well-known and studied fruit vinegar is apple cider vinegar whose health benefits are well documented. Other fruit vinegars can help as well and have additional benefits from their fruit of origin.
Yes! We ship internationally. Please click here to contact us if you are outside the US and interested in purchasing or distributing our products.